Watch pakistani movie slackistan online dating

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Watch pakistani movie slackistan online dating

According to the Motion Pictures Ordinance 1979, “A film shall not be certified for public exhibition; if, in the opinion of the Board, the film or any part thereof is prejudicial to the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality or amounts to the commission of, or incitement to, an offence.” The ordinance also states: “No person shall make or arrange a public or private exhibition of a film by means of cinematograph unless the film has been duly certified for public exhibition by the Board.” Khan is quoted as saying in the press release: “The censor board’s verdict is oppressive, arbitrary and steeped in denial about life outside their government offices.Maybe the establishment’s view is that young Pakistanis saying words like ‘Taliban’ and ‘Lesbian’ represent a more potent threat than the bullets and bombs that are, day by day, finding increasing legitimacy in the country.Further objections relate to the film’s characters clutching and sharing alcoholic drinks in the film.All suggestion of alcohol being enjoyed has been prohibited from the film.

Slackistan has not been released in Pakistan because the director refused to make cuts to the film as requested by the country's Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) on January 25, 2011.According to The Guardian, the CBFC objects to the movie because it has swear words in English and Urdu, and "contains the words 'Taliban' and 'lesbian'.Scenes showing characters drinking (fake alcohol for the filming, incidentally) and a joke about beards (as in, 'my beard is longer than your beard') made between characters talking hypothetically about a fancy dress party. I was probably the only person in the audience grimacing more often than laughing. I usually enjoy whatever Amir Khan is in (except Ghajini).There were couples, groups of friends, entire families and aunties with kids in tow. I liked Namastay London, Jab We Met, Umrao Jan (the one with Rekha) and Devdas. Aside from the song “Desi Girl”, it did not have one redeeming quality.

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