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I always have some in my bag, I travel with it everywhere.

"Because what happens then is you're drying out the top layer of skin and all the bacteria is getting clogged underneath where if you are hydrating with a really great moisturizer or a even a facial serum or something like that you are allowing it come to the surface, washing it away and let it heal." Colleen recommends beginning your makeup routine by using a good moisturizer, facial serum or facial oil (she's partial to Olio Lusso) on your skin. And the most important time to use a light hand is with your foundation. I use a cream-based one and I apply it with a sponge that has already been dampened with Evian water. "It won't smudge." Just make sure you have a good eye makeup remover to take it off with.8. To make brows stay put, Colleen sprays a eyelash or brow brush with non-aerosol hair spray and then combs over the brows.9. To refresh makeup, or to minimize any cakey-ness from using powder, Colleen will spritz models faces with Evian water spray.10. Colleen uses a highlighter on the models' cheekbones and browbones very lightly, "because then you notice when someone turns they have this little sheen." She'll also dab some highlighter right in the corner of the eye, "to brighten up the face." Hair 1. "We try to keep the hair as natural as possible," Pasquale Ferrante, superstar stylist and partner at ION Studio NYC tells us. "For girls that have curly hair you blow dry very roughly and then you spray a little bit [of salt spray] on to bring back a little bit of wave but not too much," says Pasquale.When a good chunk of time during your day job is spent in a hair or makeup chair with some of the most skilled artists in the business, you're bound to pick up some ingenious beauty tips.So, when we were granted backstage access at the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London this week, we just had to ask the models — who were fittingly in the middle of pre-show primping — the best tricks they've learned while on the job.But I only use just two drops of foundation, and I just lightly dip the sponge in and then I put it all over the face." 3. One of the key components of the Victoria's Secret look is a beautiful, sheer lip. "What we're trying to get is that look you have after taking a swim in the ocean and you let it air dry--that natural wave."2. This natural look gets better as the day wears on, "so we prepare it a couple of hours before and then by the time we shoot it's settling in," Pasquale says. "After that, it's the same process [as with girls with straight or wavy hair.]"4. To get that beachy look, Pasquale sprays damp hair with salt water spray--the one he likes is simply called "Salt Spray"--and focuses especially on spraying the roots, to "get that volume going on." 5. Next, Pasquale works a wax he swears by, called Magic Move, into the hair, focusing especially on the ends.To get the look Colleen says to use your fingers to apply the lipstick, "because it kind of bleeds over the edge of the line and that makes the lips look bigger." Add a little dot of gloss in the center of lips to "make them look even poutier."4. Colleen says a flushed cheek is essential to the radiant and pretty beauty look. "Use an eyelash curler on your lashes--it makes all the difference." Colleen says. "It's amazing because it doesn't make the hair greasy, it just gives exactly the right amount of separation," he says. Think parading around in your bikini in front of dozens of people is always easy (even for these ladies)? While they might look perfect to us, even stunning models Behati Prinsloo, Elsa Hosk and Chanel Iman admit to having insecurities about their body--but they all say that feeling confident in your bikini is essential to looking good on the runway--and off of it. For Chanel, beating insecurities is about "surrounding [herself] with positive, uplifting people," while Elsa says she'll call a friend or boyfriend to "get back on the right track." Behati tries to "block it out.

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That's where Colleen Creighton and Pasquale Ferrante--the beauty and hair geniuses behind many a Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret PINK look--come in.

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