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Updating a split level home

Nearby are a pair of stacking wall ovens and a microwave, plus a garage for small appliances.Finishing Touches Upgrading the lighting from the old rectangular fluorescent fixture "was tricky,' recalls Brenneman.But empty-nesters often start entertaining more, and this couple felt they were at a point where they could tolerate the upheaval." The old kitchen was gloomy, illuminated by just one small window, and burdened with overbearing dark wood beams and trim.Plastic laminate made to resemble Delft tile had been grafted onto the cabinetry in a misguided attempt to bring color and pattern into the room.The layout was awkward as well: Two doors opened into the space and a third led outdoors, turning the room into a thoroughfare, so that everyone passing through would bump into the cook.The wife, who loves to cook, had a very clear wish list."This is an excellent layout," says Steve, "You've got a cook's area, a food prep area at the sink, an area for someone at the island, and a hanging-out space where you can chat with the cook." A business trip to San Francisco and a visit to that city's Museum of Modern Art inspired the homeowners to go with crisp stainless steel and a black-and-blond color scheme for the room.Glossy black granite countertops and wall ovens with black glass doors stand out in sharp contrast to the red birch cabinets.

Today the kitchen blends seamlessly with the rest of the house — as the wife hoped it would.

"When you're renovating a house, the walls are never smooth and the floors are never level," he explains.

"You've got to make prefabricated components fit, which involves extra labor.

Let’s take just a peek at a variety of split-level home ideas to get your brainstorming and deciding on whether or not this layout is right for you. Incorporate the stairs by creating a slick and posh space that incorporates your love of modern, contemporary styles.

Although this house is of vintage value, we love how the pathway leading to the dining room is highlighted in such a chic way.

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They found a kindred spirit in architect Dean Brenneman of Washington, D.

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