Tv dating show cupid

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Tv dating show cupid

I've seen the first three episodes so far and I can say this show has struck me with it's arrow.

I have good hair and teeth," as if he were a racehorse, waiting for her to check his gums.Every week I feel like I'm sitting down to a mini-romantic comedy from the comfort of my own home.The characters are great, the story lines are those perfectly constructed, cliché, feel good, plots that make the romantic comedies of today so endearing.Knightly scolds the novel's eponymous heroine for imagining a match between Mr.Elton and her friend Harriet, without understanding he is more interested in money than in love: "I have heard him speak with great animation of a large family of young ladies that his sisters are intimate with, who have all twenty thousand pounds apiece." , Lisa's friends Laura and Kimberly are there to protect her from such gold diggers.

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Meanwhile, the high divorce rate is evidence that love, American style, hasn't necessarily produced happier unions.