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This yeast typically gives fruity aromas, often with a hint of banana. For re-fermentation, a different yeast is used that does not affect either the aroma or the taste.The beers are given plenty of time to develop their alcohol volume as well as their complex taste and aromas.Three years later, Canon Henrotte and Abbot Burgers purchased the dilapidated property and a new religious community was born.In 1934 the church spire was replaced with the current copper tower.Throughout the years Val-Dieu has been a steadfast symbol of peace and contemplation.This is borne out by its motto: ‘In Vinculo Pacis’ or ‘in the bond of peace’, symbolised by the two rings that are displayed everywhere, including on the Abbey’s bottle labels and the beer glasses.A characteristic of the Val-Dieu beers is their use of soft water.

At this point, the starch is released, which in the next stage will be converted into sugars that will feed the yeast.

Since then, Benoît has left the company to set up the Bertinchamps microbrewery in Gembloux.

The Val-Dieu brewery is now 100% owned by Alain Pelsser and his nephew.

The entire production process takes six to eight weeks.

The re-fermentation in the warm chamber alone, accounts for three weeks.

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In 1997 brewer Benoît Humblet and milk trader Alain Pelsser established the modern brewery in the former farm buildings on the abbey site. The Val-Dieu abbey beers were inspired by the brewing traditions of the monks.

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