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So Andersen gently hammers away at these challenges. She runs Ralston through a mock version of the pre-date phone call.“Ring,” Ralston says, holding his hand like a phone to his ear.“Hello? Andersen also works with each client individually, zeroing in on their romantic pitfalls. So…” Ralston stumbles, blushing.“Tell me about it, tell me about your workday,” Andersen says. Andersen drops character and says, “What were you feeling right then when I said, ‘How was your day?

At the Tech Crunch event, Bachman takes the lead in a dramatic onstage presentation of Pied Piper.Peter Gregory dies while on vacation and is replaced by Laurie Bream (Suzanne Cryer) to run Raviga Capital.Bream gives Richard the highest offer of all the VC firms: 20% equity at a 0 million valuation.However, Hendricks has a new idea and spends the entire night coding.The next morning, Hendricks makes Pied Piper's final presentation and demonstrates a product that strongly outperforms Nucleus and he is mobbed by eager investors.

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