Siglaunch not updating

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Siglaunch not updating

Bivins strives to mix different influences, to appeal to audiences of all colors and ethnicities.

Andrew Borgognioni is a Georgia native who’s passionate about music, sports, technology, the outdoors and everything in between.

His vision is to break the mold by blending western narrative styles with Japanese animation to create a unique way of storytelling.

He currently works on Mixer, the first livestreaming platform to support near real-time interactivity.

Jesse James Allen is the Editorial Director at Falcon’s Creative Group; a theme park and interactive design studio based in Orlando Florida.

Jesse has always been a strong advocate for education by sharing his insight and methodologies learned from years of AAA game development.

Dan Baker Dan Baker has over a decade of experience in the game industry.

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The psychology behind people, who we are, why we act the way we do while we’re alone and in groups has always fascinated Andrew.

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