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Reichsanzeiger online dating

It is to be observed, more- over, that Pietsch is curiously inconsistent in this matter ; he rejects the common interpre- tation on the ground that it presupposes an unusual order of words, but he does not hesi- tate to offer, in its stead, a theory that postu- lates two striking exceptions : a use of danck which is not found anywhere else in Luther's works, and a syntactical construction (danck zu) which is absolutely unheard of in German literature. A FEW years ago it was noticed that increased attention was being given to Balzac in this country. The point of emphasis may lie even in some weak sound or in a mute con- sonant, if the distribution of the neighboring sounds produces an effect equivalent to a strong sound occurring at that point. Both editions would be decidely more ser- viceable for the addition of a vocabulary. NOTES, SIRS: The "International Correspondence" has now, in the four years of its existence, made great progress in England, France and Ger- many, and, to some extent, in the United States. If each teacher, in school or college where the International Correspondence has been intro- duced, will send to our committee the name of the student considered "the most deserv- ing as regards continuance in regular, careful correspondence, and general character" as soon as possible, we shall be glad to give such student an opportunity to compete for one of the ten American prizes. From such accounts as the Story of i Reprinted from Vol. 64 enabling the student to postpone the choice between the different courses, that is, the dif- ferent institutions, until the end of the third year.

N., Outlines of the History of the English Language. It is obvious that neither of these two pas- sages is at all analogous, in the use of es, to "soils keinen danck dazu haben." The other cases of "uberfliissiges s" which Pietsch has in mind are doubtless those recorded by him in two footnotes of the Weimar edition (xiv, p. 77) ; there are six in all, three of them being pleonastic repetitions B: ("wo es mirs fehlt ; " " habens sies gelestert ; " " es nichts ists ; " the last two do not occur in the first editions and are probably corruptions) January, 1901. The fact is that the order of words to which he ob- jects occurs not only in his own quotation, but as we shall see, elsewhere, too; in the par- ticular locution under discussion, it seems to have been the rule. It is like the centroid of a system of forces, or the center of gravity of a body, in being the point at which we can consider all the forces to be concentrated and yet have the same effect. Assuming this second edition to be adapted for younger students, we can readily understand the omission of Mascarille's famous, line "Je vais vous montrer vine furieuse plnie," with the indicated gesture which is indeed hope- lessly vulgar for any age. Fontaine must have sacrificed unwillingly so valuable an historical side-light. Thirty of these go to each of the European countries most engaged in the correspondence; England, France and Germany, and ten come to the United States. An early report upon this subject is earnestly requested. MAGILL, Chairman of the International Correspondence Committee of the Mod. He argues, from the peculiarly barbarian color of Layamon's Round Table story, unusual with the poet, who rather takes pains to tone down coarse detail elsewhere, that it must represent a native Welsh tale familiar to Layamon by reason of his close contact with Wales, writers.

"Dank " is un- mistakably construed with the genitive, not with 27/ / "dazu" can only be an adverbial modifier in the sense of 'moreover,' and its position shows again the invalidity of Pietsch's objection on this score; and as " dess " refers to "ungericht lassen," "Dank" cannot pos- sibly mean 'thought.' Now all this must apply as well to the pas- i If Zweylinger's interpretation of dati is correct, it shows that this word, in taking the place, at the head of the sen- tence, of the disused genitive dependent upon Dank, has also, in a measure, assumed the function of this genitive. But it is thought that they should be of immediate interest to teach- ers who include Balzac in their courses. The treatise is concise, not to say brief, con- taining very full notes and references -and, as an exposition of proof is well ordered. The Abiturientenexamen will not be missed ; it has been pedagogically a failure, if not a positive detriment. PREP, a mi, 240, de mi, 205, por mi, 504, pora mi, 249.

Hohlfeld] 368-375 Larsen, A., Dansk-Norsk-Engelsk Ordbog. 12), with reference to the "Hofeschran- zen zu Dresen : " "Sie sollen mir heimliche Sachen ungericht lassen, und dess keinen Dank dazu haben." There cannot be any doubt as to either the syntactical structure or the meaning of this passage. A perfect counter- part of them, furnishing in the explicitness of its wording a welcome commentary on the disputed line in the hymn and on its parallel passages, is to be found in the open letter An die Herren deutschs Ordens (1523)- I" this letter Luther contrasts the true chastity of matrimony with the false one of celibacy, and urges the knights of the Teutonic Order to marry, adding, with reference to the decrees of popes and ecclesiastical councils (Weimar ed. 238) : "Und obs uns die Concilia und menschen hynfurt erleubten und zu liessen, so wollen wvr yhr urlaub nicht haben, und umb yhrs zulassens willen nichts widder thun noch las- sen Denn ich will nicht gnug daran haben, das Concilia odder kirche (wiesie es deutten) solchs zu lassen oder setzen, Ich wilsyhn auc/i keynen danck nicht wissen, noch sie drumb grussen, noch von yhn begeren. The inaccuracies to be noted are not all, in themselves, matttis of vital importance ; they are perhaps in- separable from the peculiar genius and bulky product of the author. Some hero must have 'presided and the Celts had but one. It will not be long now until the depart- ments of medicine and law in the German universities will be opened to the graduates of the Realgymnasisn and Ober-Realschulen; and there is but little to be said against such a measure. me, 9, 76 ; -m, 157, 963; m-, 3665; -n, 1277, 3391.

Fhum- way] Lee, Sidney, Shakespeare's Life and Work. Knrrel- j meyer] J Dieter, Ferdinand, Laut- und Formenlehre der altgermanischen Diale Kte.

Smith] Fischer, Rudolph, Zu den Kunstformendesl Mittelalterlichen Epos: Hartmann's I "Iwein," Das Nibelungenlied, Boccac- | cio's " Filostrato '' und Chaucer's " Troylus und Cryseyde." [ W.

[Richard Ho Vbrook} 244-245 Ducamin, Jean, Juan Ruiz, Arcipreste de Hitii, Libro de buen amor.

S., Skelton's 'Magnyfycence' and Cardinal Wolsey Harrison, Caskie, Remarks on the Criteria of Usage, with Especial Reference to Kind of (a), Sort of (a) Rice, Carl C., Etymological Notes on Old Spanish Consograr, Consagrar, *Con- sangrar Eastman, C. H., Fewter Roberts, Arthur J., Did Hrotswitha imitate Terence?

W., Die Deutsche Litteratur des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Robertson] Koschwitz, E., Anleitung zum Studium der Franz Bsischen Philologie fuer Studie- rende, Lehrer und Lehrerinnen. Eeidel] Roethe, G., The Reimvorretlen des Sachsen- spiegels.

Batchelder] J Godwin, Parke, A New Study of the Sonnets of Shakespeare.

Gliesc, Wilhelm, Kurze Einfuehrung in das Studium des Gotischen.

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M., Macbeth the Thane and Macbeth the Regicide 224-237 Johnston, O.

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