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Pia toscano and stefano langone dating

It has long been said that to get people to listen, one should speak softly. He is never going to be a Jacob Lusk or a James Durbin, but therein lies the beauty of his performances.

They are understated and intimate and Paul doesn't tell you how you should feel, instead the listener has to actively listen in order to fully experience his performance.

It isn't uncommon for new favorites to emerge and for early favorites to stumble along the way.

There's something comforting about settling in, knowing who's who, and getting more time with each contestant.

Last week, the judges critiqued her and said that she should be singing Diana Ross and POOF Diana Ross becomes her idol?

That girl rocked a Steven Tyler tune with the man himself and made for one of the most memorable auditions. He also pointed out that Cocker doesn't look so hot when he sings either.

Well, Casey can be as self-deprecating as he likes, but if he continues to deliver performances like he has been (the picture of him as a child with the bowl haircut and toothy grin, doesn't hurt either) women are going to be enchanted with Casey.

In this performance of "With a Little Help from my Friends," he once again embodied the song and interpreted it with more than just his voice, but with his movements and emotions.

Jennifer said that she felt like she was watching someone important up on stage.

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It certainly seemed like she was pretty impressed by working with Rodney Jerkins who has worked with Mariah Carey, Monique, and Keisha, all of whom would likely rank higher on this 24-year-old's idol list than Diana Ross.