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Every effort was made to preserve the main structure as it was including preserving an area that was actually burned by Union soldiers during the Civil War.The depot houses a banquet room, conference room, offices, a large outside dock area and an incubator kitchen for the purpose of helping start-up businesses.

The tree lined streets and the large canopy of oaks around the court house square is conducive to walking at a leisurely pace while enjoying the fresh air, shopping in the stores or stopping for a bite to eat at a local eatery.This was followed by expansion of the freight platform to the north in 1916/17 as the rail lines opened northern cities as markets for local fresh fruits and vegetables.As one of two pre-Civil War depots in the state, the building has survived the times since 1850.Step inside and step back into the past among numerous displays of artifacts associated with the town’s history. The Burgaw Cemetery is comprised of ten acres of land just to the north of downtown.In 1893 the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Company donated the land to the town for use as a burial ground.

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The interior of the warehouse still bears the scars of a Union cavalry attack in 1863.