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The moment I knew I couldn’t punch him, I turned and yelled for the security guard who was only 20 steps below me.

He looked at me and the situation, and then turned and walked away. My instinct was to chase after them, but bystanders just shook their heads at me as if to say, “Bad idea.” So we went and reported it to the police and showed them exactly where the boys were, but they did nothing.

” I asked him to stop and he wouldn’t—until I threatened him with legal action and exposure.

His letters stopped, but he recently liked a photo of me on my sister’s Instagram. In an open area in the streets, I was robbed at knife-point. They went to slice the straps of my bag after already taking my friend’s.

I don’t get a lot of sunlight anymore, but it’s a small price to pay.

I fell in love with the beautiful secluded beaches. I hopped off my scooter and started to go down the long flight of steps towards the beach. Just as panic and fear set in, I saw a pop of orange amidst the green foliage, just a few steps away from my stalkers; it was my friend! I ran as fast as I could, dragged my friend back down to the shore, and told him what happened.

Around Halloween and All Souls’ Day, spookiness reaches fever pitch.

Monster masks line the aisles of toy stores; TV stations are playing slasher movies; and everyone’s out in creepy costumes—everything’s actually pretty fun.

He was writing letters upon letters of incoherent ramblings to me, and sending me his selfies and photos of his furniture.

I thought it was harmless until I noticed two things: First, that he was writing to me as if I were responding, and second, that printed photographs of me were printed on his bedside table.

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I’m not sure if it’s related, but on that same day, someone was raped in the lobby bathroom of the building next door to mine.