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The Argentine tango, the hustle (group dance) and a knockout dance, which will be used next week if you are in the bottom two.

I tried to put most of my effort and focus on the Argentine tango since the hustle is not judged and I felt like I needed to give you, the viewers, a better dance after last week.

The only thing is, I had to learn three dances this week.

Style: Latin and Ballroom Nationality: American Did You Know?

Performed with singer Jewel in concert BACKGROUND: We're all pretty impressed that Chelsie has accomplished so much at such a young age. In 2006, Chelsie was a finalist on TV's So You Think You Can Dance where one judge said, "You move so well, you could make a mannequin look good." That's good news for some of the guys around here who look quite wooden whenever they try to bust a move.

"It was a little bit of a mix of a cha cha, rhumba and paso doble," explained van Amstel.

I wanted to start this week’s blog off by saying THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me last week.

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