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And with Francesa headed out — reader Frank from Paramus suggests Dec. Woods remains remarkable as the only pro golfer who can cause temporary deafness in on-course TV folks.

While, as usual, we could hear him cussing, Thursday and Friday — the kind of language TV’s golf voices scold and even apologize to viewers for — the TV guys, as usual, were the only ones who didn’t hear it.

And so, as if we could watch three small things at once, the screen was trisected (Is that a word?

) to give us three live views, two of which we needed like third armpits.

When he vanished, the child was put on the wanted list of missing children in the Russian capital but searches failed to locate him. The suspect is reported to have confessed to kidnapping the boy, and charges of sexual abuse are expected along with other alleged offences, say the Investigative Committee - the Russian equivalent of the FBI.

But as we’ve seen and heard dozens of times, experts’ takes on replay challenges are often wrong. In the fourth quarter, a Stanford fumble that was clearly a fumble — and recovered by Stanford — put the game in sleep mode as a long replay review confirmed what didn’t need reviewing.

And somewhere shrouded by all the stop-and-go modern madness, a close game, won by USC, 31-28, was being played, in some cases due to USC players’ insistence to keep it close.

When a Stanford RB was stopped inches from the goal line, it was obvious to all, especially the officials who were right there, and as then seen through ESPN’s “Progressive [Insurance] Pylon Cam.” There was no griping from Stanford.

Still, the game was stopped for a replay review while a now TV-mandatory rules expert, Bill Le Monnier, noted the obvious: Not a TD.

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"Investigators are working on finding the boy's family members."The victim was found after police stopped him for a routine check in a Moscow street.

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