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) because it can take advantage of Just-In-Time compilation (which UIWeb View, running in the same process as your app, cannot do for security reasons).

The web view situation on Android is a little more complicated.

This ensures your app will load faster than a web app running on a remote server could, which can make a huge difference for users on slow mobile connections.

Another feature of the Cordova integration in Meteor is support for hot code push, which allows you to update your app on users’ devices without going through the usual app store review process.

Meteor integrates with Cordova, a well-known Apache open source project, to build mobile apps from the same codebase you use to create regular web apps.

That improved somewhat with Android 4.4, which includes a web view based on Chromium, the open source project behind the Chrome browser.

These distributions mainly differ in tooling and integration with cloud services, but they share the underlying platform and plugins.

Meteor could also be considered a Cordova distribution.

While Cordova by default uses URLs to load the app, Meteor includes an integrated file serving mechanism on the device to support both bundling the initial assets and incrementally updating your app through hot code push.

This means your app will be served from on i OS requires running a real embedded web server instead.

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You may have heard of Phone Gap, and wonder how it relates to Cordova.

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