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Fuji camera repairs essex

I take my hat off to everyone involved, for this site would be a lot poorer without them.

In Derek's case, the task of recording the individual histories of the 'Britannia' class locomotives has been a mammoth undertaking, and there have been times when the pair of us - just two bungling old geezers with a mutual love for trains and railways - were on our arthritic knees by the sheer size of it all.

The remaining members of the class were named after countries belonging to the British Empire, followed by celebrated naval heroes and famous Royal Navy ships, including No 45700 which was originally named 'Britannia' after HMS Britannia, one of six ships of the Royal Navy to have borne the name 'Britannia'; indeed the famous Naval Shore Establishment at Dartmouth was named 'HMS Britannia Royal Naval College' until its name was changed to HMS Dartmouth in 1953.

In fact the 'Britannia' name is famous worldwide; the Latin name is derived from the Greek term 'Brettaniai'; a collection of islands with individual names.

In order to avoid duplication No 45700's nameplates were removed in 1951 and the engine named after HMS Amethyst, the Royal Naval vessel involved in the Yangste River incident of 1949.

Built at Crewe Works in April 1936, No 45700's shed allocations included Newton Heath, Blackpool, Bank Hall, Derby and Warrington; withdrawal came in August 1964.

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Also the flexible hoses were formed of nylon-reinforced rubber section protected by coiled wire.

The vacuum ejectors were steam operated and the reservoir tank was situated under the cabin floor.

A female personification holding a trident and shield came to symbolise this unity; a representative image of British imperialist power depicting Britannia seated with a shield and trident first appeared on Roman bronze coins in the 1st century AD; it appeared on British coinage in the 17th century for the first BR Class 7MT Pacific locomotive 'Britannia' was met with some resistance, because as mentioned earlier, the name had already been given to an ex-LMS Stanier 'Jubilee' Class 5XP.

However the 1948 Locomotive Naming Committee's three senior railway officers: ES Cox, George Dow and chairman Derek Barrie, decided that a class of locomotives featuring the names of celebrated British historical figures, ex-GWR Star Class locomotives and Scottish Firths, should go ahead.

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ENGINE BRAKE HOSES: The first 19 Britannia Class engines were built with a medium length stanchion pipe for the brake vacuum hose on the front of the locomotive as well as on the rear of the tender..image '1' below.

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