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Ezine updating software

Read the rest of this entry » Filed Under: Programming Tagged as: John Wilson, Power Point, Programming, Snippets, VBA Do you want a random number generator for your Power Point slide?

Do you want some numbers from a chosen sequence of numbers to pop up every time you click?

And that’s how it has been for subsequent releases of Power Point, including version 20 on Mac, and version 20 on Windows.Read the rest of this entry » Filed Under: Interviews Tagged as: Interviews, Power Point, Power Point 2013, Programming, Steve Rindsberg Do you want to remove all animations from your slides?You may want to remove animations for a variety of reasons: maybe the sequencing is all messed up, and starting all over again seems like a great idea.Alternatively, and more likely, the presentation’s Theme has placeholders set to produce all uppercase (aka capital) letters.The Circuit and Integral themes that come with some versions of Power Point are examples of such Themes.

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Yes, you can do this in Power Point using some simple VBA code, as Steve Rindsberg of Power Point FAQ explains.

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