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I beg you Father, I claim that my boyfriend will come back to me; In Jesus name, I believe that you will help me because you are a merciful and loving God. please God i beg of You that Tjaart leaves the new woman in his life and return to me. Please i beg you to get her back because i love her so much. Lord you graciously lead me to my love, and I pray that through your forgiveness and unending love you will lead me back to it again, with the lessons and knowledge that only you can provide.

Please help us to start all over again; remove all the hatred, pride, confusion and anger from his heart; I pray that he will forgive me of all the things I have done. God i believe that Tjaart only has a sexual desire for her. please God i ask this not because i deserve it but because you want me to be happy God. She is very angry at me at the moment because of the things I did. Lord I realize that I am one of millions who desperately know the pain of lost love, so I pray that you will heal the hearts that are broken, mend the spirits of those who cannot rekindle what was lost.

amen My love went away it happened about a few years ago. My love went away it happened about a few years ago. I ask for prayers to please bring my X back heart and soul. Dear God; I'm here father in front of your eyes as your child. I love him so much my God, I have treated him badly I admit.

I miss our times together the places we went, we used to hike and play please bring him back this very day. I miss our times together the places we went, we used to hike and play please bring him back this very day. 5 yrs together and he just is so cinfused on what he wants but ssys he still has love fir me. I promise to be good and respectful from now on, I promise to be thankful forever.

Grant me patience and understanding as our friendship grows. God i pray for every one who have posted there needs , please answer their prayers and fulfill it , Oh god,a small request from my end too.I know the things in my life I have to fix for MYSELF, but I can't help but feel much love for him in my heart. Am I sad because I'm back to square one, or is it because I lost him.Yes, I'm sad he's gone, but I do feel in my heart he was the one I was suppose to share my life with.I feel so much confused, I really love her soo much, she is the only girl that I think of the whole doesn't feel like talking to me, txtng neither she doesn't feel any pain if we don't used to be good together, my family knows her, I feel so ashamed to say that we broke up. God please help me in this, I know I have done her alot of wrong but to you nothing is impossible, I pray today, tommorow and forever please protect her from other boys and protect me too.i believe we are meant to be together forever. Give me the courage, strength and patience because I dont want her to fall in love with another person neither I dnt want to.In the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ I pray and believe.

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