Dating over 40 in pittsburgh

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Of course, these familiar melodies were legislated out of existence in the '60's (though they are still legal products! Many of these commercials are jingles, and it's fun to hear vocal styles and instrumentation change over twenty years.

The entire 57 minutes is a fascinating aural history and highly recommended for your enjoyment.

Joe Evelius is a native of Baltimore and a longtime Top Forty radio fan and broadcaster, having worked part time on the air since 1974 at WNAV, Annapolis; WFBR, Baltimore; WITH, Baltimore and WAMD, Aberdeen.

Also, Joe is working on a book featuring Baltimore top forty radio legends - the personalities who introduced the hits on WITH and WCAO in the fifties and sixties.

The final commercial is cut off, but this amazing recording is complete with the official Sign Off, The Star Spangled Banner, and "No Carrier".

First, this is also a very long exhibit - almost two hours.

I couldn't consider any edits because the fidelity is so consistently excellent.

So, it's all here, from about 9am until AM on July 20, 1969.

Hundreds of reels and cassettes remain to be dubbed to digital from both the Jim Sheeler stash and my own collection.

Perhaps KQV-FM cleared some ABC network features that didn't run on the AM? He does a fine job until the last five minutes of this aircheck, when you'll hear a seriously-flawed newscast that is SO messed up it's hard to believe it was on an ABC O&O.

In addition to hearing James fumble around for carts, you'll hear someone walk into the studio!

Lots more for automobiles, too - even the Studebaker Lark.

And there are spots for L&M, Newport, Pall Mall, Winston and Kent.

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The exceptional fidelity of this exhibit is exceeded only by a marathon length: Two Hours and Nineteen Minutes snatched from an otherwise forgotten Friday night in the Steel City.