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Dating men with aspergers

He could remember those kind of details, but couldn’t tell you when a particular memorable event actually occurred.

He had to have certain things just so — in winter and fall, even on days when it wasn’t that cold, he had to wear long-underwear under his pants.

Ughhhhh, he is infuriating, I thought as I scanned Paul*’s Facebook page.

There were new status messages — “carboloading” — a recent video of him performing, and links to new posts on his blog.

He would know something was going unsaid and it would distract him, stop him from being able to going any further.

As I said, he is high-functioning, so the “signs” he exhibited in public were subtle; needing to smell every bite of his food before he ate it, for example.

He also had a sort of photographic memory in that he could remember and describe every tiny detail of my apartment — from the perfumes in my bathroom to the hinges on my cabinets — after seeing it once.

He possessed odd idiosyncrasies that you wouldn’t notice at first glance.

Many of the hindrances that come along with his level of autism he had trained himself to overcome.

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I liked his silver sneakers and was curious about the array of pens in his suit pocket.

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