Dating joaquin phoenix reese witherspoon single parents and dating quotes

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Dating joaquin phoenix reese witherspoon

The movie’s end-of-the-‘60s setting, hallucinogenic vibe and Phoenix’s unreliable narrator may prove confounding to some viewers, but there is a lot going on under that hazy surface.

And the same goes for Phoenix, who admitted in our roundtable chat that he couldn’t always follow the story either -- and preferred it that way.

I mean Paul and I would always talk that we wished that we would just keep shooting straight. You know, Katherine came in and she worked in the first couple of weeks and then she was gone for like three weeks. Because there are times you were John Lennonish and other times I thought you were Charles Mansonish. The first thing that Paul showed me was pictures of Neil Young, actually, and he had those same kind of sideburns and he had this kind of straw hat.And so he just really created this environment where I was confused and really never knew what was gonna happen next or what role somebody was playing in the overall story. He’s really inclusive and warm and thoughtful and makes you feel -- he’s one of those people that makes you feel like you’re important and you have value even if you don’t. I just –- again, it’s like when you fall in love with somebody, I don’t know. I mean in a movie, particularly because you have a little amount of time and they’re so expensive and people try and kind of lock on in a rigid way what the scene is about. I know that I typically do dramas and I guess what I consider independents but I like all sorts of different movies and I’m just looking for good characters and big ideas and a great filmmaker. It’s, "This is a scene in which you have an argument with this girl and that’s a device that leads to this scene." And Paul is really unique. I never asked, like I just figured like, I never asked Paul once, is Pynchon around? I just figured that wasn’t his process and I respected that. Were you uncomfortable with that being so publicly discussed and that it was out there that you were talking to them? Joaquin Phoenix: I’ve got to say I’m really selfish. And I don’t really know why I make the decisions that I make. It’s just like you don’t really understand it but it’s just something that you have to experience and nothing can keep you away from it.I wish I did just so I could give you a solid answer in an interview. You know I try to come up with reasons but I don’t fully understand it.

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" And I like that way of working It keeps everybody just searching and working really hard to find something unexpected. Sometimes you’ll shoot five takes of a scene and then he’ll come in and say maybe we should switch this dialogue around and, you know, say whatever you want. All right, well, I’ll have to save this again." And I was like, okay, here we go. She made the movie last time and she’s great in this.