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Dating beaufort sc

Having heard awful things about the drive south from NYC to DC on I-95, I am thinking of driving via the Eastern Shore of MD and the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel, which would put us in the area of Norfolk, Va, or perhaps Elizabeth City, NC on the first night. Does anyone have any ideas for a hotel (non-chain is best) for the first night in the general area of Norfolk/EC?

Any great local places to eat on the Eastern Shore, or in the Norfolk or EC area?

Summerton Diner in Summerton has good southern stuff.

And Mc Cabes bbq in MAnning is great but make sure they are open when you paln to go, if you do.

I only wish I had a week to meander all around the area, sampling bbq! I used to stop there on my way back and forth as well. I heard some people from Texas bought it, but I don't know if that means all the pecans come from Texas or what. We lived there for 25 years before retiring to the Charleston area a couple of years ago (we were professors at the University located there).

But I can get some on the way home, and maybe we can even meet somewhere!! But I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I used to come through there on my way from Charleston to Greensboro. For the past 5-10 years the Florence downtown area has been undergoing a major cultural revitalization.

You might be able to check out Blackbeards though if you decide to go that far down. If you do, consider Blackbeard's in Conetoe (say kah-net-a.

Don't say Conetoe or they will know you are Fum Off : D : D) And I know you know to fly past South of the Border, senor.

) Certainly would need info on where to eat in Bluffton.

They have a wonderful collection of pueblo pottery including several Maria Martinez works.

We were at a wedding in Norfolk in July and it took us about 8 hours driving from there to Charleston, so getting to Florence should take about 6 or so, more of course when you add your BBQ stops.

If you decide to spend a night in Florence, don’t stay near the interstate, but go directly to downtown and stay right there.

If you get into Florence early enough, wander into the Art Trail Gallery which is a gallery for local and regional artists.

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With the help of the advice I received here, two of us had an interesting, and delicious, journey from our home in NYC to a rental condo in south Florida last December.

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