Dating a deaf person

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Throughout the years; I have dated both Deaf and hearing guys..mostly hearing guys.

Most of the hearing guys did not know how to sign or knew very basic signs.

Stamping feet on the floor (vibration can be picked up), throwing a SOFT thing like a crumbled paper at the person's back, or flipping the switch as fast as you can to get the light to go on and off. He knows that I have some hearing left in my right ear.

When I am walking away, or not looking at Stu because I'm busy doing something at the moment. I look up at him, and sigh, and say, I have a habit of letting Stu know what I am about to do.

Stu tries his best to make sure I get full access to what everybody are saying and at the same time, to contribute something to the conversation. Over the time, I have gotten more understanding and patient, and Stu has gotten better at letting me know what is going on. Fortunately for Stu and me; we often use humor and patience to make it work and laugh it off during crazy moments.

After a bad dating experience Alexis Borochoff set up a forum to find out deaf and hearing people’s feelings about dating each other. Communication is one of the most vital things you need in a relationship.

He is a skinny little red-headed kid with freckles across his cheeks. I give Adam my classic Ashley's annoyed look (raised eyebrows while showing an exasperated facial expression). Adam scowls while realizing that his smart-aleck comment has backfired on him, and he knows that he now is being perceived as an idiot by his own classmates.

I have seen the Deaf community discriminate against others, claiming they’re not Deaf enough.

If we clicked there I would feel compelled to learn to sign.” Meghan is a 30-something hearing mother and wife who signs said she would date deaf people and wouldn’t expect them to sign.

“I know enough ASL to carry on a decent conversation with a patient deaf signer, and I would quickly improve if I used it more …

For some of us Deaf folks, we are perfectly fine with dating hearing people despite knowing that it will bring some intercultural relationship issues into our relationships.

Most of us have hearing parents, hearing siblings, and hearing family members. We have hearing friends along with our Deaf friends. My teacher asks me to talk about Deaf culture to the class. I remember being asked one question during my math class by a guy. The question takes me off guard mainly because he makes it sound like Deafness is a contagious thing that can be passed on through kissing, and mostly because he is being a jerk.

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Is there some unwritten taboo that comes with dating deaf people? This provoked me to start an online forum asking both the hearing and deaf population about the role and stereotype of dating deaf people.

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