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If the council doesn't pass the interim rules, the state's laws become the law for the city "and the city would be required to approve any new ADU that meets minimal state criteria," the staff report notes. Because it is the first meeting of the month, the public can comment on any item not on the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.Also Monday, the council will vote on extending its moratorium on commercial marijuana operations for another 10 months and 15 days. Although the association ultimately opposed the bill because of several standards it felt would be difficult to enforce — for example, parking isn't required if the unit is within one block of a "car share vehicle" — it has supported the idea of making accessory units easier to get built, Terell said.Ventura resident Camille Harris, who has long pushed to make having the so-called granny flats easier to build and legalize, cheered the changes.“Thank God.At least six council members would have to approve the urgency ordinance, which would last 45 days. Ventura's proposed temporary ordinance allows accessory dwelling units (ADU) to be up to 750 square feet or, if attached to a primary residence, no more than 50 percent of a living area, according to the staff report.

The city can’t, in most cases, charge a water or sewer connection fee or require a new connection.

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The unit also had to have one covered parking space per bedroom, said Mark Towne, the city's director of community development."Our first read is, they will significantly change the standards," Towne said.

Oxnard's rules in most cases required an enclosed-garage parking space for an accessory unit.

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Spaces are not required if the unit is within a half-mile from public transit, in an architecturally and historically significant historic district or is part of "an existing primary residence or an existing accessory structure," according to a December memo from the state Department of Housing and Community Development. Per state law, the city's new ordinance also removes setback requirements for a garage conversion.