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The first one had ended in a mistrial after jurors were unable to break their deadlock.

Suffolk Superior Court charged that she fatally stabbed her husband in the couple's Dorchester home in 2007 during a dispute.

The victim attempted to intercede and there was an altercation between Mr. The Commonwealth charged Etanis Cumba with first degree murder and assault by means of a dangerous weapon. Horsley possessed a firearm based on a stop and search of Mr. Attorney Scapicchio developed evidence at a lengthy pre-trial hearing that members of the Boston Police failed to report their interviews with a cooperating witnesses, the federal court dismissed all charges against Mr. Furnishing a Machine Gun to a Person Under Eighteen Years of Age - Not Guilty Commonwealth v. Michael Williams (Motion to suppress allowed) Commonwealth v. Denton (Not guilty possession of a firearm) Commonwealth v. Cumba (Not guilty assault with a dangerous weapon) Commonwealth v. Espinal (Not guilty possession of a firearm) Commonwealth v. Lowery (Not guilty possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute) Commonwealth v.

At trial, Attorney Scapicchio presented evidence that the Commonwealth's own cooperating witness had assaulted the victim with the beer and had a motive to kill the victim. Cumba not guilty of all charges including first degree murder on September 25, 2007. Horsley as he attempted to walk down a public street. Espinal was only 23 years old when he was accused of first degree murder of another young man in a hotel room in Revere Massachusetts. Espinal was the ringleader of a group of three kids who had planned to rob the victim who was a drug dealer of his recent supply of drugs. At trial, Attorney Scapicchio presented evidence that each of the cooperating co-defendants were implicating Mr. Green possessed a firearm and ammunition and that Mr. Terry Lowery Motion to Suppress Evidence, February 2011 Drumgold v. Lowery (Cocaine trafficking dismissal) Commonweath v. Horsley (Motion to supress allowed) Commonwealth v. Green (Not guilty possession of ammunition) Commonwealth v. Lowery (Not guilty possession of a firearm) Commonwealth v.

Prosecutors claimed that Anh Vu Nguyen shot up Tai Nguyen's Revere home in a jealous rage. Omar Denton Omar Denton was charged with first degree murder and unlawful possession of a firearm. Attorney Scapicchio raised issues of lack of proper police investigation and mistaken identity. Denton not guilty on all count's including the first degree murder on November 15, 2007. Etanis Cumba Etanis Cumba - In early October 2005 a 20 year old Sudbury man was killed while attending a party at his friend's house in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston Massachusetts.

The Commonwealth alleged that he attempted to break up a fight between two girls after a party. An unidentified male in a hooded sweatshirt and a bandanna allegedly threw a cup of beer at the victim and then stabbed him to death. Webb was involved in a conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine and that one of the acts of the conspiracy was a murder.

However, there was question of the husband's innocence in the crime.

Real life tv crime show "Rescue 911" was on hand to film the paramedics that answered the call to the couple's vehicle.

The Commonwealth presented the surveillance footage from the incident and alleged that the person seen on the video wearing a black and grey jacket was Solomon.A Dorchester man was found "Not Guilty" of Massachusetts second-degree murder charge.Anh Vu Nguyen, a 21-year-old from Dorchester, was acquitted of the 2007 slaying of Tai Nguyen (no relation), whose brother had been dating Anh Vu Nguyen's ex-girlfriend.Lopes drove one of the cars alleged to be involved. Ortiz was responsible for this murder, on May 15, 2006, one week before trial, the Commonwealth dismissed all charges against Mr. Attorney Scapicchio presented evidence that the victim was armed with a ten inch machete and that the Boston Police allowed the victim's friends to take the machete from the scene absent any documentation that the victim was armed. Monterio not guilty of first degree murder and not guilty of assault with intent to murder. James Bush The Commonwealth charged James Bush with first degree murder claiming that Mr. Attorney Scapicchio filed motions for gang intelligence which demonstrated that Mr. On June 20, 2006, the scheduled date to begin trial, the Commonwealth dismissed all charges against Mr. Bush shot through a door of a home in Dorchester while attempting to rob its occupants, and killed a three year old child.

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Attorney Scapicchio presented a defense of mistaken identity.

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