Arizona and freja dating

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Crew & Arizona was a senior high school student, prior to her career rose with the Peter Linderberg campaigns & shoots for Chole, Louis Vuitton, YSL & Prada.

Afterwards, she was also revealed to be dating her then girlfriend, Freja Erichsen, a fellow model.

She didn’t want to go back to work so early in the year.

However Arizona is a calm & elegant persona she too loves hanging around with her close mates & prefers to spend maximum of time with her little son whom she loves the most.

Her mother is a former British model while her father is originally the native of America, & hence named their daughter after the name of her birth state ‘Arizona’.

At present, Arizona Muse lives in the Brooklyn city, in New York along with her only child, a son named Nikko.

Arizona had forgotten which room contained the fireplace so she began her search. If you liked this piece, please consider buying my full length novel- T/James Reagan’s "Famous For Nothing” here for . The reason I was 'what the fuck'ing is because I think I found our daughter.” “Our…daughter. Freja tried to also process what Arizona was saying. As Freja and Arizona made their way across the party to their daughter, 'zona asked, "How did this happen? I think we need to focus on our daughter.“ "What do we say to her?

Arizona’s posture straightened and her tone was direct, “Freja, is Karl forcing you to become Abbey Lee because Abbey keeps escaping back to Brooklyn and no one can find her in that shithole? to be like the Biebers.” “Freja, you were the face of CK IN2U. 3 years ago March 05, 2014 5 notes #frejarizona #Freja Beha Erchisen #fanfic #long reads #fiction #agents of shield #nick fury #chanel #louis vouitton #pfw #fashion #t/james reagan #t.james reagan #hbgwhem #arizona muse #marc jacobs “Freja, what the fuck? Looking up from her ipod touch, Freja said, "I’m only googling ‘Pics of Sasha Luss' vagina’ because I am… Arizona stuck a perfectly manicured finger out and pointed across the party to a girl who looked a shitload like the glorious unification of Freja and Arizona. ” "Well,“ Freja said, putting together the pieces, "by Wixson rules, we traveled into the past, fucked, had a kid with future technology where men are no longer necessary, and then we forgot our kid in the past because probably Bruce Willis showed up like in that Joseph Gordon Levitt movie, 'Looper.’” Arizona gasped, “You’re right. 'Hi we’re your moms, don’t judge us as moms, it’s Bruce Willis’ fault? “If only we could find out how we time traveled back to create her and then we could time travel back before that point and kill Bruce Willis before he went on his 'traditional family values’ crusade,” Freja plotted. “Yes, we need to recruit her.” Freja and Arizona joined hands, then walked to meet their daughter.

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” Like a little girl who had been yelled at for eating too many cookies, Freja quietly said, “No. You’ve booked CK already, you don’t have to do it again,” Arizona pointed out. Fucking looper-ass Bruce Willis will not stop going back into the past to prevent lesbians from having babies with future technology. “I wish we got invited to the premiere of that new X-Men movie. “Why the fuck did we time travel to the Netherlands? “I don’t like him very much,” Josefien Rodermans-Beha-Erichsen-Muse said.

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