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Answers to online dating questions

Our 44 chapters have membership totaling approximately 4,800 people, the vast majority of whom are people with disabilities and family members.

Residential Services, Incorporated, (RSI) is a private, non-profit organization that provides residential options for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Dedicated to verified college students and alumni (via education database). Alumni cannot initiate or respond to contact or post status updates.

This combination of intellectual variations makes autism especially perplexing. A person who has autism may perform repetitive body movements, such as hand flicking, twisting, spinning, or rocking. Severe behavior problems take the form of highly unusual, aggressive, and in some cases, even self-injurious behavior.

This individual may also display repetition by following the same route, the same order of dressing, or the same schedule everyday, etc. Autism is a brain disorder, present from birth, which affects the way the brain uses information. Some research suggests a physical problem affecting those parts of the brain that process language and information coming in from the senses. Autism is distributed throughout the world among all races, nationalities, and social classes. These behaviors may persist and be difficult to change.

If changes occur in these routines, the preoccupied child or adult usually becomes very distressed. There may be some imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain. Autism may indeed result from a combination of several "causes". Autism is one of the four major developmental disabilities. There are approximately 50,000 people with autism in North Carolina. In its milder form., autism resembles a learning disability.

ECAC now employees 20 full and part-time staff members and, in addition to the main office in Davidson, has satellite offices in Raleigh and New Bern.

The Arc of North Carolina has been advocating for people with developmental disabilities since 1953.

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The organization furnishes support to parents, information and referral, residential summer camp, job coach services, public education, advocacy, group home development, guardianship and life planning services, and news and information to statewide media.