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Accommodating gifted students

In the year 2004 the government launched Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP 1).Under this program the government established different secondary schools.Then in the year 2005 the ministry of education launched a crash program for giving short training to form six leavers who wished to join teaching profession.This program provided teaching license to people who attended that course to teach secondary schools.Table 1.0 shows how results for secondary education examination dropped drastically.Pass rates in form 4 examinations have been fluctuating from year to year, highest in 2004 (91.5%) and lowest in 2009 (72.5%).Smith, (1995) once argued that when young people have problems, society has problems.And because the government supports schools with tax-dollars people expect educators to help students succeed regardless of circumstances.

Usually these at risk students have high rates of absenteeism, tiredness; failed one or more grades, and are labeled by other students due to their social problems.

Even in 20 students have continued with poor performance as normal.

Table 1:(45.87%) while Seminaries contributed the least 2,217 (6.80%).

It is with no doughty that the academic achievement of students depends on three basic things.

These are Teachers efforts, student’s efforts, and parental involvement to children education (Tella & Tella, 2010).

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Parents are responsible for academic achievements of their children.

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